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piano duo

The fusing of two musicians sharing the same instrument is one of the most interesting challenges chamber music has to offer. Whether it is on one piano or two, music for piano duo brings the full orchestral and chambermusical potential of a grand piano to life.

So it is hardly surprising that from Mozart and Schubert to Brahms, to Debussy and Ravel, so many great composers have written works for piano duo.

It is important to the two young musicians to sharpen the awareness for the limitless artistic possibilities of the piano.

The duo studies with professor Denise Benda at the Hochschule für Musik, Würzburg, and has won the first prize in the "Wolfgang Fischer and Maria Fischer-Flach"-Competition for chamber music.

"What is astonishing is the musical accordance, the perfect agogics, a seamless perfomance, an expressive musical language. With Marie-Thérèse Zahnlecker and Jonas Gleim the music seems to emerge from a well of creativity. Conflicts exist only within the composed music, not in their interpretation."